The Home Office’s OISC department contracted CLS to manage and maintain their LMS, including hosting the platform and developing eLearning content. The content covered particular and complex topics related to UK immigration law and was therefore only suitable for subject matter experts (SMEs) to create.

For two years, CLS worked with a High Court Judge who served as the SME for the project. The Judge was responsible for creating over 200 relevant modules, which was a significant task given the complexity and constantly changing nature of immigration law. To streamline the workflow, CLS worked closely with the Judge to help them understand how to edit content within the LMS and ensure that it met the necessary standards for engaging and informative.

To develop the framework for the content, CLS engaged OISC stakeholders and a team of case workers who manage immigration advisors across the UK. Through a structured dialogue, they could assess these stakeholders’ eLearning maturity and preferences, ultimately determining that a more linear model was initially required but that the content could eventually move towards an “action mapping” approach. Interactive activities were identified as a critical element of the content from the outset.

The development process was intense, involving frequent meetings and conference calls to keep the modules up-to-date with changes in the law. The ongoing changes to legislation and the piecemeal implementation of the Act of Parliament presented a clear challenge, but having the Judge at the centre of these debates was extremely helpful.

To make the content creation process as efficient as possible, CLS provided the Judge with a simple authoring system that included essential project management and tracking tools and features like find and replace and spell checking. They also developed templates and master pages to streamline the production process and trained the Judge to use the system as needed. The entire production process was significantly shortened by allowing the Judge to log in to the design and work alongside CLS staff while editing content.

Overall, this case study highlights the importance of close collaboration between SMEs and content developers and the utility of advanced authoring tools like Composica in streamlining the content creation and management process.

“I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the OISC for all of your hard work and efforts in launching the new CPD site. I think that the results speak for themselves as we have already started to see advisers logging on. I look forward to working with you again in the future”
Team Manager, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

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