Safe Obstetric Systems is a medical device company that needed an online training platform to teach doctors how to use their product, the Fetal Pillow®, safely and correctly. The Fetal Pillow® is used during cesarean sections to elevate a deeply impacted fetal head out of the pelvis without trauma, making the delivery process safer and less traumatic for the mother and baby.


To ensure that doctors were using the Fetal Pillow® safely and correctly, Safe Obstetric Systems needed an online, easy-to-use, and comprehensive training platform. They chose to work with Creative Learning Systems (CLS) because of their expertise in creating tailored, easy-to-use platforms that meet specific needs and branding.


CLS created an e-learning course for Safe Obstetric Systems that included a Learning Management System (LMS) to track course progress and monthly reports on who had signed up and completed the course. The platform was tailored to the needs of Safe Obstetric Systems, with interactive and assessment options and high-quality, easy-to-use software.


The platform created by CLS has received excellent customer feedback and has helped Safe Obstetric Systems expand quickly and increase awareness of the Fetal Pillow®. Safe Obstetric Systems highly recommends CLS for its superb customer service and ability to deliver a bespoke learning platform.


By working with CLS, Safe Obstetric Systems created an effective online training platform that allowed them to teach doctors how to use the Fetal Pillow® safely and correctly. The platform has received excellent customer feedback and has helped the company expand and increase awareness of its product.

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