An environmental waste management company worked with CLS to create a custom solution allowing its staff to access and enhance their learning using the software. The company needed a solution accessible to staff who did not have daily computer access and would allow them to track their learning progress. CLS designed and implemented an innovative learning system using QR codes.


The waste management company approached CLS to build specific tools that would allow them to manage the learning process for their staff who did not have access to a computer daily. CLS took on the challenge and began developing a solution to meet the company’s needs.


CLS developed an SMS message integration solution that allowed the waste management company to send urgent training messages to staff on their mobile phones and provide access to learning materials without requiring a login. The system could track the links clicked, making it easy for the company to target specific staff and groups of staff with learning materials and track their participation.

In addition to the SMS message integration, CLS also developed tools that enabled the waste management company to place QR codes next to equipment and other items that required training. Staff could scan these codes using their mobile phones and instantly access training materials, and the system would report on which team had accessed the scanned training and record it accordingly.


The bespoke software solutions developed by CLS have significantly impacted how the waste management company delivers learning to its staff. Training is no longer limited to a learning system but is integrated into the business’s culture and accessible from anywhere.


CLS worked with the waste management company to identify their challenges and find innovative solutions using custom software. The resulting solutions have transformed the way the company delivers learning to its staff, making it accessible to all and an integral part of the company’s culture. This case study is just one example of how CLS solution architects can think outside the box to improve efficiencies and innovate for their clients.

Using these bespoke software solutions, the waste management company has been able to make considerable savings in terms of training staff, tracking progress, and quickly accessing learning materials without the need for extensive searches. The company has also been able to reach a wider audience, as the solutions are accessible to staff who do not have daily access to a computer.

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